With Brilliantista founder... SHARI KUSTER

Have you ever been inspired to do something? Well... this was born from inspiration!!


💗This is our first podcast... honestly... it wasn't as easy as I thought it would be. Sometimes our optimism gets the best of us. For anyone who has ever created a podcast... I have so much respect for what you've achieved. Hopefully we can collaborate on some fun projects in the future... and further our mission to elevate women!

💗The whole BRILLIANTISTA movement and vision all started because of a desire to let women inside the stories which have enriched my life.

💗Along my journey I found myself connecting with women who felt a trusting connection with me which provided us the opportunity to openly share, our challenges, wins, and so much more. If you can image filling up a treasure chest with all the golden nuggets of wisdom we gain throughout life. These were the some of the many nuggets I wanted to share with you... one rule... the stories had to be shared directly from those who's lives had been transformed by them. My solution... a Podcast... and we needed a name. That's when the word BRILLIANTISTA was born.

💗In the beginning... I was trying to come up with a name for a podcast... but once the word BRILLIANTISTA came to me... I realized it was so much more than a podcast... it's a movement... it's a value... it's a community. The vision for BRILLIANTISTA goes beyond our podcast... which at times that vision makes it hard for me to stay focused on what's happening right now.

💗Through our Podcast, Facebook group, YouTube channel and our Website... we will continue to share brilliant ideas... resources... and information... ( #thatsbrilliant ) which will make you do the happy dance!!

💗We are a community... a sisterhood... a tribe. We SHARE... We SUPPORT... We LOVE... We KICK BUTT... We THRIVE !! The more we understand about others... the more we connect and even learned to love ourselves.

💗 💗 💗

#BRILLIANTISTA… Join us each week to hear from women who are willing to open up and share what it really takes to Create Success in Business and Life… even when it’s not so pretty. Through their Courage, Experiences and Strength... they help other Women Illuminate Their Brilliance … and own their BRILLIANTISTA power.

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BRILLIANTISTA... We are WOMEN with big visions & goals. We know we can't do it alone... nor do we want to.

We thrive in a tribe of like minded WOMEN... ELEVATING each other to succeed in BUSINESS and LIFE. Let's do this... together!!

xo Shari Kuster 💗


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